~MALE OR FEMALE~          
               Which Makes The Better Pet?

I do not know about other breeds but after owning and raising the shih tzu for over 15 years, this is my opinion.  Both the male and female are very sweet and make wonderful pets!
The male gets a bad rap, because people are under the misconception that all males will hike their leg and mark their territory.   If the male is neutered at an early age around 5 months he does not have the urge to hump or hike his leg.   If the male is fixed early, he will usually squat like the female and not hike his leg.
It is just a myth that girls are easier to housebreak than boys. Both males and females can be potty trained in a few weeks, as long as you are diligent and follow a schedule. I have not found that one sex is any easier to housebreak than the other.
The females do tend to have a bit of a stubborn streak and the males are much more anxious to please.  When I call my dogs in from outside, I only have to call my little boy once and he comes running as fast as he can, to see what Mommy wants. The girls on the other hand will look at me and then ignore me, as if to say  "I am busy, I don't want to come right now, you're not my boss!" and they go right back to smelling the flowers or whatever is on their agenda at the moment.  I will have to call them 2 or 3 times unless it is to get a treat of course!!!  Then the race is on to see who can get to Mommy first!  I have always said "my girls have selective hearing!!!"
The male seems to be much more forgiving and accommodating while the female certainly tries to exercise her dominance and get her way as often as possible!
The male makes the better pet for a family with children!  The males are very happy to play and play and they love their toys!  The females will play also, but they will get bored with playing and chasing a ball much more quickly than the male.
Both male and female are very smart!  Both are extremely affectionate and loyal to their owners.  Both are not aggressive by nature and both make great lapdogs!  (They love being held and snuggled)
Since they are bred to be little companion dogs, both male and female make great pets for the elderly.
In my opinion it is a matter of  preference, as to whether you choose a male or a female!